Welcome to SA speakeasy.

The premise of this site is simple. This space is for people who know they have a problem with sex addiction, but aren’t quite ready to get treatment or to tell people face to face. Because that’s quite a leap of faith. We understand, and that’s why we exist.

Dr. Ken Adams, a sex addiction expert, said that we really want to get people to tell their story, so that sexual addiction makes all the sense in the world.

We have provided a safe, anonymous place to tell your story.
A place to experience other people thanking you for sharing your story, without judgment. A place where you don’t feel alone.
A place to experience hope as others fight alongside you towards recovery.
A place to get your questions answered directly by sex addiction therapists.
And once you’ve built up courage after telling your story, perhaps then getting treatment won’t seem as big of a leap.

For the casual visitor, you are most welcome, and we have great resources for you.

For those of you who want to do something about your sex addiction, become an Insider and start speaking easy today. We can’t wait to welcome you.